Yesterday's data

This page shows a summary of the data for the 24 hrs up to midnight local time.
Temperature and humidity
High Temperature 0 °F at 00:00
Low Temperature 0 °F at 00:00
Temperature Range 0.0 °F  
High Apparent Temperature -500.0 °F at
Low Apparent Temperature 900.0 °F at
High Heat Index -500.0 °F at
Low Wind Chill 0.0 °F at
Maximum dew point -500.0 °F at
Minimum dew point 999.0 °F at
High Humidity 0 % at
Low Humidity 100 % at
Heat degree days 0.0  
Cool degree days 0.0  
Hours of Sunshine 0.0  
Rainfall for yesterday 0 in  
Maximum rain rate 0 in/hr at 00:00
High Hourly Rainfall 0.00 in at
Highest Gust 0 mph at 00:00
Highest Speed (10 minute average) 0 mph (F0) at 00:00
Wind bearing  
Dominant Direction 0° ---  
Wind Run 0.0 miles  
Pressure (sea level)
High Pressure 0 in at 00:00
Low Pressure 0 in at 00:00
Detail Readings Chart (From our old system prior to July 1, 2013)
Daily Readings Chart with details since August 1st, 2008 (From our old system prior to July 1, 2013)

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Weather Underground's Interactive Wunder Map for Hurricane Tracking.

Water Temperatures off the Coast of Mexico

Weather Pressure Systems in Mexico

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